Weekly Gamenights

Until next gamenight on February 24 2018 17:00 UTC (Your timezone)

What are gamenights?

Weekly Gamenights are a time of the week players come together on a discord server to have a good time playing custom games. This helps reduce waiting times, allows players to play against more and different people their own skill level, and for those interrested it also allows to play mods and custom content with a larger variety of players.

Invite your friends!

The gamenights are for everyone, new players and veterans are all invited and welcome! There is no signup and though we appreciate you arriving early to kick things off you may join and leave the gamenight as you please.

During gamenight please join our Discord.


During Dawn of war 3 gamenights, those of you who do not wish to play with anyone specific can go ahead and host or join a custom game as normal. I recommend you make it clear in title if you want noobs, good players or mid level players which are anything in between, joining your game.

For hosting games with specific players you have invited you make a public custom game, and name it something recognizeable + "only invites" so randoms know not to join, but if they join anyway the host is able to kick them from the game by clicking the X on their slot.


For those of you who want to be able to select who you play with you can use the discord to invite people to play by messaging them in the "lobby" channel, by right clicking their name and clicking message. You may also want to write if you are interested in playing only something specific like 1v1 or with certain mods.

Join the voice channels

For organizing games and chatting please remain in the lobby channel. Once you are going into the game please move down to one of the other voice channels to indicate that you are playing the game and don't want to receive invites. Even if you don't use microphone it is highly appreciated that you are in the voice channels so you display that you are participating in the gamenight so people know there are many to play with.


If you have any questions you can send an email to BANANMANX47@tutanota.com.


During the gamenight you can also often find me in the Discord lobby channel by the name BANANMANX47.